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WordPress articles

Learn all about how to install, configure, optimize, and extend the popular WordPress blogging platform.

Accessing e-mail accounts with client applications

This article provides information you need for setting up a client application to access an e-mail account on an Webhost.Berlin server. Although this method requires more configuration than using webmail, it also offers more features.

Using SSH keys

After you have set up and used an SSH client, you can optionally set up SSH keys. You can use SSH keys to set up automated SSH logins, or two-factor authentication for increased security.

Custom php.ini files

You can use php.ini files to customize a wide range of PHP settings for your web site. Learn how here.

Remote MySQL connections

There are two options for connecting to MySQL databases remotely. Learn about them and how to set them up here.

Run PHP scripts from cron jobs

Learn how to run PHP scripts from cron jobs using the PHP command-line interpreter. This method is faster and more efficient than using curl or wget to run a PHP script.