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Maintaining a secure web site is very important. These articles provide information about how to secure your web site, how to reduce spam, what to do if your web site's security is compromised, and more.


These articles show you how to set up SSL and help enhance your site's security.

Perpetual Security

Hosting security is important, and the Webhost.Berlin Perpetual Security initiative contains several features that help protect your web site from malicious actors. Learn about them here.

Securing a semi-managed server

On semi-managed hosting packages, you are responsible for server administration. One of the most important things to do is secure your server, and this article provides the information you need.

Securing a hacked site

If your web site gets hacked despite your best efforts, this guide is here to help you. Learn how to secure your site and help prevent future attacks.

Managing unwanted e-mail (spam)

Unwanted e-mail (spam) can be a major hassle, as well as a potential security risk. Learn ways to fight spam with these articles.

Application security

These articles discuss security-related issues for specific applications, such as WordPress.

Choosing a strong password

Using a strong password is vital for your account's security. This article offers some techniques and advice on how to create a strong password.

Installing updates on your server

For semi-managed products, one of the most important things you can do to maintain a more secure server is to regularly apply updates. Learn how here.

Hardening a server with fail2ban

For semi-managed products, the fail2ban program can greatly simplify the task of defending against scripted attacks and botnets. Learn how to configure fail2ban in this article.

Fixing the Heartbleed vulnerability on semi-managed servers

Read this article for all you need to know about how the "Heartbleed" vulnerability affects your server. Please note that this article only applies to certain semi-managed products.

Understanding software vulnerabilities and protecting your account

Learn about software vulnerabilities in web applications, and how you can help keep your account secure.