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How to use the Webhost.Berlin/BASIC Networks Customer Admin/Billing Portal

The Webhost.Berlin/BASIC Networks Customer Portal is at

(or click the red LOGIN button on the top right of this page) and is the place to go to manage account billing, manage registered domains, or login to your hosting account (as for hosting, you can also login directly to the hosting portal, see welcome info mail). These articles show you how to use the Customer Portal.

Ordering process

Get answers to your questions about the ordering process at Webhost.Berlin.

Accessing the Webhost.Berlin Customer Portal

Learn how to access the Webhost.Berlin Customer Portal.

Account management

You can manage your account quickly and easily through the Webhost.Berlin Customer Portal. Learn how here.

Domain management

The Customer Portal enables you to manage all of your domains purchased from Webhost.Berlin in one convenient location. These articles show you how.


Learn how to manage billing for your Webhost.Berlin account.

Upgrading your hosting package

Are you outgrowing your current hosting package? No problem! This article describes how to upgrade to a new package.

Notification Center

The Notification Center enables you to set up service notifications for your account. Learn how here.

Working with tickets

You can use the Customer Portal to open a support, billing, or sales ticket.

Viewing and changing settings for shared hosting accounts

You can use the Webhost.Berlin Customer Portal to view and change login settings for a shared hosting account. You can also do many common administrative tasks right from the Customer Portal interface.

Ordering additional products and services

Adding products and services to your existing Webhost.Berlin account is easy with the Customer Portal. Learn how here.

Ordering a dedicated IP address

Learn how to order a dedicated IP address for your account using the Webhost.Berlin Customer Portal.

Obtaining the StarterSpeed serial number

You will need the StarterSpeed serial number during the StarterSpeed Web Server installation process, and this article shows you how to obtain it. Please note that this article only applies to semi-managed VPS and Discount Dedicated servers with the Cloudflare Boost option enabled.